The tenth edition of YPF Desafío Ruta 40 2018 arrived to the province of La Rioja with Stage 4 which joined Tinogasta and Villa Unión, the longest stage in the race which had 320 timed kilometers. The terrain and the weather changed regarding the first days, but the leaders in the Overall are still dominating.

This stage was for Matthias Walkner (KTM 450 Rally)  in Bikes, while in 4×2 Quads, the winner was Bolivian Walter Nosiglia (Yamaha Raptor) who had his first stage win.  Among 4×4 Quads, Julio Estanguet (Can Am Renegade) keeps a strong lead  as well as Sebastian Halpern (Toyota Hilux) among Cars T1 Gas and Juan Manuel Silva (Can Am X3) in T3.


Bikes: Walkner wins the stage and seeks a place on the podium

Among Bikes, Walkner won the stage by completing the stage in 4h24m13s. “The first part of the stage was very hard, with many stones and very tricky. The second part of the stage was very fast and very nice. I tried to push as much as possible and I’m very happy”, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider said. The second place was for Toby Price (KTM 450 Rally), who accomplished an impressive split time after passing CP1 (151,67km),  2m50s behind. Paulo Goncalves (Honda CRF450), Honda HRC rider was third, 4m07s behind.

Thus, despite having lost some time, the Portuguese rider is still leading the overall classification with 15h05m37s. He is followed by: Price – went up from the fourth to the second place -  3m28s behind and Walkner  4m45s later.

4×2 Quads: Nosiglia pushes and Cavigliasso administers his gap

The stage victory went to Walter Nosiglia (Yamaha Raptor). The experienced rider completed the timed sector in 5h32m13s. “I’m very happy. This is my first trouble-free day. And I really liked the stage. I love rocks. It is the kind of terrain in which I’m used to run”, the Bolivian rider said as he arrived at the bivouac.

Behind him were Argentinean Manuel Andujar (Yamaha Raptor)  2m15s later and Nicolás Cavigliasso 7m34s behind. Meanwhile, Cavigliasso can still hold his first place in the Overall with  19h06s14s. He is followed by: Enzo Silva (Yamaha Raptor)  +30m40s and Russina rider Alexander Maksimov 1h05m46s behind, who was able to keep his third place despite his falling down at km236 in the stage.

4×4 Quads: Julio Estanguet does not give way to his rivals.

In 4×4 Quads, Julio Estanguet (Can Am Renegade) is keeping a good race pace with 6h44m53s. He won the stage and opened the gap in the Overall over Colombian rider Nicolas Robledo (Can Am Renegade) who was second in the stage

“It was a very long stage, but funny. I think the most beautiful out of the ones we have seen so far.  It had lots of changes and that made it great fun. The landscapes were awesome. But it was tough”, Julio Estanguet said upon arriving at the bivouac in Villa Unión.

Cars: Halpern was the fastest in T1 Gas; Uzandizaga in T3.

Sebastian Halpern together with his co-driver Eduardo Pulenta, were strong on their Toyota Hilux from South Racing Team. With a time of 4h56m15s he was able to overcome his teammate, Peter Jerie (Toyota Hilux), by 29m22s. The third best time today was for Chilean Emiliano Fuenzalida (Trophy Truck Score).

“It was a very long day and very hard in the first 120 kilometers. It was very difficult to stay concentrated due to the large number of stones on the road. We had to take care and pay much attention. In the second half, the stage was faster and funnier, really nice to drive” the driver from Mendoza said. “After four days you are really tired, it feels. Out of all the DR40 I have run, this one is the hardest, no doubt.”

In the Overall, Halpern is now dominating with a 3h01m41s gap over Jerie while the third place is for  …..

In T3, Pedro Uzandizaga (Polaris RZR) got his second stage win and after six hours of race, he was able to beat his teammate Nicolás Zingoni (Polaris RZR) by 26m01, while the third place was for Juan Manuel Silva (Can Am X3) 29m32s behind. The first place in the overall in that class continues in the hands of the Chilean from Can Am who is comfortably beating Zingoni, while the third place on the podium so far, is for Colombian Javier Vélez (Can Am X3).

In T1 Diesel, Omar Gándara (Toyota Hilux) was the fastest of the day beating Hugo Goya (Pampa II) and Andrea Lafarja (Toyota Hilux). Beside lost a couple of minutes, the paraguayan girl keeps the lead followed by Gándara and Goya.

Stage 5  Villa Unión – San Juan

The fifth and final stage of this tenth edition of Desafío Ruta 40 will be run this Friday. The stage will have 200.48km. The stage which will join Villa Unión and San Juan will be the most changing in the rally, combining mountain trails, sandy rivers and salt flats as well as navigation with speed.

Again, the landscapes will play an outstanding role.

Time to celebrate

The Finish Podium and the Awards Giving Ceremony will take place tomorrow. It will be from 5.00pm to 6.00pm across from Aldo Cantoni Stadium in San Juan city. Free access for the public.