As years go by: the history of Desafío Ruta 40

It’s been six years, when Argentina was celebrating its 200 years of its first government and the Argentine Cross Country Championship started its second season, a new and unprecedented motor-sport event was born. It was the cross country rally competition that linked the South and the North of the country through the mythical and legendary Road 40.

In April 2010, the crews from different nationalities left from Río Gallegos to start a unique and unbeatable adventure. They marked the kick off for this competition to have its first steps and become a real national classic.

The competition was presented as a huge challenge for everybody and precisely, it took the name from it. That was how the Desafío Ruta 40 (Road 4 Challenge) was born, a sporting event of an international level that had the aim of turning into the most demanding sport event competition of Argentina as well as being a superb touristic promotion channel for the country, from one end to the other.

“We have planned for this new challenge in which experienced professionals drivers of the motor sport will share the scenario with amateurs who love the adventure and seek to overcome their limits and conquer the glory by knowing some of the most attractive and emblematic spots of Argentina. Each one of them will live a unique human experience by going through eleven provinces with amazing stories and unforgettable anecdotes”. That was how the organizers of the Argentine Championship of Cross Country Rally presented the competition for the first time.

The opening season (2010) was an absolute success and offered all that was expected from a full speed competition that started in Cabo Vírgenes and finished in La Quiaca: effort, adventure, discovery, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the discovery of a country seen from an amazing sport event.

Such was the success that the second edition was quickly confirmed and in April 2011 the Argentine Championship of Cross Country Rally started the season in the country and linked the South and the North of Argentina.

In 2012 the competition had its third edition with a demanding and tough test that linked San Juan to San Salvador de Jujuy. It was a shorter edition that linked the Cuyo region and the North of Argentina, the Desafío Ruta 40 had a successful year and was consolidated in the motor sport calendar of the country and the world.

The following year, 2013 the mythical road was taken from the north to the south. It started in Jujuy to arrive to San Juan by going through roads and paths that only passionate adventurers could overcome to be part of this new historic success that marked a record of entries. Over 125 participants provided colors and emotions to this challenge that is a tradition in Argentina.

In 2014, for a second year in a row, the race had the Dakar Series format. It left from the South of Argentina, and linked San Carlos Bariloche to the province of de San Juan. Then, in 2015, under the same aegis, the DR40 discovered and broadened its horizons in the center-north region of the country. It started in Catamarca and finished in Villa Unión, in the Province of La Rioja.

For 2016, the Desafío Ruta 40 will be run within the 2nd round of the Argentine Championship of Cross Country Rally and will be an unbeatable chance to rediscover the Cuyo and the North lands. The Province of Mendoza will be in charge of hosting the participants that will start the race and run in the first stage so as to go to the north to San Juan and to finish in La Rioja. A new page begins to be written in the history of the DR40 with exciting stories about amazing roads in one of the most important competitions of the South American continent.

2010 Laurent Lazard
2011 Javier Pizzolito
2012 Pablo Rodríguez
2013 Kurt Caselli
2014 Javier Pizzolito
2015 Paulo Goncalves

2010 Hernán Kim / Luciano Gennoni
2011 Atilio Carignano / Alicia Rava
2012 Orlando Terranova / Paulo Fuiza
2013 Nani Roma / Michel Perin
2014 Juan Manuel Silva/Rubén García
2015 Orlando Terranova/Bernard Graue

Quads 4×2
2010 Juan De La Colina
2011 Lucas Bonetto
2012 Lucas Bonetto
2013 Lucas Bonetto
2014 Sergio Lafuente
2015 Lucas Bonetto

Quads 4×4
2010 Adrián Isola
2011 Daniel Mazzucco
2012 Daniel Mazzucco
2013 Daniel Mazzucco
2014 Daniel Mazzucco
2015 Daniel Mazzucco

2010 Ernesto Marengo
2011 Omar Yoma / Luciano Gennoni
2012 Omar Yoma / Sebastián Scholz

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