Action at YPF Desafío Ruta 40 2018 continued this Tuesday with Stage 2 Belén – Tinogasta (Province of Catamarca). It was another extreme day with 317,74 kilometers of stage, which had a mixture of dried up rivers with offroad sectors. Toby Price (KTM 450 Rally), Nicolás Cavigliasso (Yamaha Raptor), Julio Estanguet (Can Am Renegade) and Pedro Uzandizaga were the main actors of the day. 

Dry rivers played an important role again and, by the end of the timed section, there were soft dunes which became the final big challenge for competitors in day 2.

The second stage provided many surprises and changes in standings in every category. Toby Price won the stage and is now the new leader in the Overall. Nicolás Cavigliasso is getting strong among 4×2 Quads after winning another stage, while in 4×4 Quads, Julio Estanguet moved up and is dominating the category after his first place this Tuesday.   Among Cars, Sebastian Halpern continues leading the T1 Gas category and Pedro Usandizaga (Polaris RZR) was the best among cars and also won in the T3 category in which Juan Manuel Silva is still leading in the overall. Omar Gándara won among T1 Diesel cars.

Bikes have a new leader

Toby Price (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) was the fastest with a time of 4.16.12. Behind him, there came Matthias Walkner (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) 2.17 from the lead, and the current leader of FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship, Pablo Quintanilla (Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing) was third, 5.49. behind

“It was hard.  It was also hard to navigate. But it was a good day; a tricky and tiring stage. I’m happy to have finished the second day”, said Price, who is the new leader in the Overall. The Australian rider has a total time of 8:30.14 He is followed by Quintanilla, 0.44 away and Walkner, 1.28 later.

The best Argentinean is Luciano Benavides, who is fifth in the Overall (8:59.36). “It was a very long and tiring stage. I´m having a very neat race and I’m being quite consistent. My main objective is still getting to San Juan and continue improving in navigation.” said Argentinean KTM Factory Racing rider, who finished sixth in the stage.

Unfortunately, Mathias Bellino (Monsters Energy Honda Team) had an accident at km189 in the stage and had to be evacuated and taken to Belén Hospital. Later, doctors decided to take him to Buenos Aires by plane.

In Group N, Joaquín Debeljuh is still leading and he is the only one to have reached the end of the stage at the time of releasing this article.

Quads: Cavigliasso gets stronger and Estanguet is the new leader

As for 4×2 Quads, Nicolás Cavigliasso  was able to win the second stage, too. “We had a nice stage and got to the end in a good position and that helps to go ahead. This has been good team work, and mostly my mechanics. We are on the good way”, said the Argentinean who had a time of 5:34.55 The second place was for Enzo Silva, 10.39 behind and Pablo Copetti 13.42 later. As for the Overall, Silva is also the runner up (26.36 behind) and in the third place is Jeremías Gonzalez Ferioli 36.06 later.

Julio Estanguet  won the stage among 4×4 Quads and also climbed to the lead in the overall. The rider from Córdoba finished the stage with a time of 6:20.05 to become the new leader.  “Today was a very tough day, even more than yesterday. There were fast sections and very demanding from the physical point of view”, DKR rider said. Behind him, Daniel Mazzuco, 16.13 away, who is now the new runner up in the overall (1.33).

Cars: Uzandizaga was the fastest, Halpern is firmly holding the first place

Among cars, Sebastián Halpern (Toyota Hilux de South Racing) won again in the T1 Gas category by finishing the stage in 6:15.51 in spite of some problems which delayed him. . He was followed by Peter Jerie and Sebastian Guayasamín.

“It was a very tough stage and it was hard to find the pace. We decided to be careful  because it was difficult and we did not want to risk”, Sebastian Halpern said

Pedro Usandizaga was the surprise among T3 by winning the category and he also had the best time among cars.  Omar Gandara was the only one to get to the finish in the T1 Diesel category by the time this article was released.

Fiambalá dunes are coming tomorrow.

Wednesday will be a loop in Tinogasta (258.78 kilometers of stage) in Fiambalá desert. The race will go across the three valleys which make up this desert, including the highest dunes. Sand is different in each valley and competitors will have to adapt to each terrain. It will be a day in which navigation will be the core.